Fear part 3

The project that I related to the most would definitely have to be Matthew Eaton’s  project about his fear of being judged. I don’t have the fear to the extent that he does, but I’m very close. I think what he did was great to try and get over his fear and I honestly wish I would have done something more similar to that for my project. I also think that Brittany May’s experiment was very personal and that she was really brave to get up and talk about something so personal to her. I think the projects that got to me the most were the ones that were more personal or the ones that I can relate to. There’s a real bravery in those presentations and I think the people who did presentations like that will be the ones who get the most out of the project. I wish I would have been there the first day of presentations. I think I probably would have changed my project a little bit to make it more personal and about an actual fear instead of a phobia.


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